Transform your business and upskill your workers.
With funding support of up to 70% of qualifying cost.

Information accurate as of Dec 2023

The support is eligible for applicants seeking to transform their business processes, redefine job roles for workers, and uplift productivity can tap on this grant to drive workforce and enterprise transformation.

70% Funding

What is the funding support for eligible entities?
Up to 70% of qualifying cost for each project. Funding quantum will be assessed based on:

  • Strength of project from business transformation perspective.
  • Cost of project from worker outcomes perspective.

70% Grant
The grant serves to strengthen worker and business outcomes to bring about:

  • Enterprise transformation: Enhanced business capabilities, innovation and/or productivity;
  • Workforce transformation: Better career prospects and better wages for local workers (Singapore Citizens / Singapore Permanent Residents) through efforts such as job redesign.

Applicant to commit at least 1 of following worker outcomes:

  • age increase; and/or
  • implemented Career Development Plan (CDP) that is communicated to staff
  • Support
    Items must be deemed relevant and tied to transformation plans that lead to worker and business outcomes. Examples of supportable items:

    • Equipment/Software and related OEM/software training
    • Consultancy

    Eligible Entities
    Entities legally registered or incorporated in Singapore i.e. companies, societies, non-profit organisations such as charities and social service agencies are welcome to apply.

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