We Need More Leads

Lead generation describes the marketing process of attracting and converting prospects into prospective customers.

At Meyzer Digital, our lead generation service ensures that your company can reap the maximum benefits through the array of strategies we employ by tapping on search engine and various social media channels.

Our mission is to help you grow your business predictably by delivering qualified leads for you to nurture down your marketing funnel.

We Need To Accelerate Revenue

Growing revenue is more than just a handful of efforts, but rather a targeted, precise, aligned set of objectives across four areas - strategy, structure, people and process.

At Meyzer Digital, we care about our clients' success as a whole. Besides providing your business with data backed strategies to accelerate your sales revenue, we formulate your digital campaigns with specific, measurable objectives and tactics across these 4 areas to ensure your sales process is being optimized.

Be prepared to take your company to the next level with Meyzer's Digital Strategy services trusted by companies worldwide.

We Need More Brand Awareness

Your company has an outstanding product and offer an excellent service. Our job now is to keep your brand at the top of the mind of your target audience and amplify your digital presence to make your name known to the world.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, Meyzer Digital deploys a plethora of strategies to help you generate the awareness needed to establish a sustainable brand online. Reach out to us to have our strategist create a customized brand awareness campaign across multiple digital channels tailored for your organisation's needs and goals.


1. Client Onboarding

Onboarding Process

After you signed up for our services, you'll gain access to your onboarding form, where we'll request for important information regarding your potential customers. Details may include company size, geographic area, age group etc

Your Ideal Customer Profile

Based on the information that you provided during the onboarding process, we'll compile your ideal customer profile together with the data we gathered based on our research.

Understanding Your Top Clients

After putting together your ideal customer profile, we'll study the traits that your top clients have in common so we can know where to look for similar profiles. We'll investigate which social network are they likely to be on, which Linkedin groups are they likely to join, what kind of subject topics will catch their interest etc.

2. Campaign Design

Initial Out Reach Campaign

Now that we have an understanding of your ideal customers, we will craft out the strategy for the initial outreach campaign and determine which are the best advertising platforms  to deploy the ads.

Lead Capturing

Upon clicking the ads, the visitors will be directed to a lead capture page designed specifically for the purpose of capturing personal information about a prospect such as name, email address, phone number, company size, etc. This information will be passed to you to then use to nurture that prospect down your marketing funnel.

Retargeting Campaign

Generally, only 2% of web traffic will convert to on the first visit. In order to maximize your conversion rate, we will set up a Retargeting Campaign that will intelligently display ads in front of visitors who left your website without taking any action. This approach will strategically remind visitors of their interest in your brand until they eventually convert.

3. Monitoring and Optimization

Fresh Prospects Delivered To You

Once your campaign has started, you can expect fresh prospects to be delivered to your mailbox whenever there is a conversion. We also monitor your account daily, to ensure that your campaign runs at optimal parameters.

Improving The Campaign Performance

As the campaign is running, it is natural that some ads will perform better than others. We will analyze what is working well for the high performing ads and will make the necessary adjustment to aim for obtaining the highest achievable performance using the most cost effective measure.

Analytics Dashboard

You will be given access to your Google Analytics dashboard, from where you can monitor the campaign statistics and monitor the progress real time.

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