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Your Online Revenue Generator…

We rewrite the rules of client acquisition by adopting an automated and repeatable system that onboard new leads and converts them into buying customers.

Experience our industry-leading online lead generation capabilities proven to generate and deliver substantial lead volume to our clients consistently.



Describe to us who you want to reach and we’ll design a custom solution to engage and acquire your ideal consumer.

Our e-Strategy consultants go through an in-depth analysis of your business.

We construct your website & landing page, following which we will optimise it for conversions.

We drive qualified traffic through various digital campaigns and multi-channel marketing strategies

Highly qualified leads will be delivered directly to your inbox to work on closing the deal

Having a website or social media presence is simply not enough

Accelerate Your Business Growth
With A Massive Lead Generation Strategy

Our technology-based Online Revenue Generator sets the stage for you to connect with your target buyers in any market with ease and efficiency. As an integrated marketing agency, our mission is to help your business grow predictably by delivering qualified leads to be nurtured down your marketing funnel. We don’t just look for leads – we find customers for you.

Engage with eager customers who are ready to buy

Shorten your sales cycle and improve overall productivity by engaging only with high quality leads. Let us eliminate the non-client facing time for your sales people so that they can perform their primary function – closing deals. We’ll grind through the data. You land the deals.


Maximise your marketing dollars

Building an Online Revenue Generator is like hiring an entire team of digital marketing experts comprising of copywriters, designers, business consultants, search marketing specialists etc for the cost of one headcount. Our solution is also measurable and trackable, and we will work with you to lower the cost of customer acquisition.


Build brand loyalty by forging strong relationships

Create a revenue winning lead nurturing strategy by harnessing our tools to educate, inform and build trust for your brand. With a systematic process in place, we will help you turn your leads into customers and further transform them into raving fans who will stay with your brand for life.



"We have been relying on newspaper ads to market our seminars without seeing consistent results. After adopting the Online Revenue Generator, our business exploded with a huge influx of leads week after week and our profits increased by 61%!"

Gavin Chong, General Manager

“I spent more than $1,700 on traditional advertising and didn’t get any leads. With just 29% of that budget, I was able to generate 34 prospects in a month to close for my business! These were high quality leads and I had a higher sales closure rate!

Jasmine, Managing Director

"It's always a challenge looking for new business & new customers. With just one simple strategy, I as able to find new customers, retain customers and upsell to the current customers. I recommend them to see how you can double and triple your sales this year!"

Jason Ng, Serial Entrepreneur

One-Time-Only Exclusive Offer!


As Meyzer celebrates our 10th Anniversary, we are building your online revenue generator starting from as low as $5,000. This package gives you:

  • A detailed consultation to build your brand & offer
  • A mobile-optimised business branding website
  • Our customer management solution (100 contacts)
  • A carefully crafted sales page to qualify your prospects
  • Starting from $500 worth of online ads


Which industries are you strong at?

Meyzer has worked with the education sectors, ranging from workshops for adult education, language schools, professional certifications and children’s education. The healthcare sector we can help includes chiropractors, dentists and specialists.


Will this work for me?

Leads work best when you have an existing and proven sales process. This allows us to help you grow your business if you are willing to spend money to acquire your customers.

Who is Meyzer?

Established in 2008, Meyzer Group is an internationally renowned management consultancy firm that provides business advisory, technology and alternative investment opportunities to businesses around the world.

Meyzer Group has collaborated in more than 500 million dollars worth of projects, with companies ranging from large financial and business organizations, multinational corporations, government-linked companies, to small and medium enterprises from a wide spectrum of trades and industries.


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